An Advance Thank You to Tina Harding

I read a tweet from @tinaerotica that she has read my latest book, “Her Fantasies”, and will post a review tomorrow, August 1st. Please watch for it.

Christina Harding is well known for keeping the names of the authors that she has reviewed on twitter to be read and RT’d by her and our friends. We, the writers, owe her a large THANK YOU!

I am fully aware that this review could ‘kick my ass’. If so then I would need to have my ass kicked.

A writer, true to the craft, will welcome all criticism.




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Four erotic short stories with a sense of humor. Three friends enjoy a naked romp in a hot tub and one gets a sexy spanking. Maggie finds a kinky new way to enjoy vegetables. Revenge on a horny principal at a class reunion. A young woman gives herself to an erotic author and finds herself the object of his next book. These sexy stories are sure to make you smile!

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