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A new book is on the horizon. “Her Fantasies” is a collection of stories, (my stories) on the lighter side of erotica. My hope is that they will bring a smile to the reader. The new cover, from, “Her … Continue reading

Excerpt from “Secrets, Nikki and Bobby”


C felt the hot bubbling water on her legs, Nikki’s hands on her hips, Nikki’s lips kissing her mound and Nikki’s tongue searching for and finding her clit. C pressed her pussy to Nikki’s face and felt the tongue slip into her. Tipping her head back, she moaned, “Oh yes. YES!” She placed her hands on Nikki’s face and pulled her into the mound, hard, one more time before sinking into the bubbling water and taking Nikki’s lips to her own.

“I don’t want to come yet,” she said as her hands slipped down to Nikki’s breasts.

Just a small sample of what you will find in Book #3 of the Fille de Joie Series by J.T. McFarland.

Click below to learn what secrets Nikki is keeping from Bobby. And what about his sordid, kinky secrets?